The almost imperceptible smirk with which he said it, made me think it might have all been a joke. It was a single word, spoken in Arabic, and it did not explain what had just happened. My heart was still pounding… Two days earlier I was on my way to visit the one place that […]


I stared blankly at my sandal and the clumps of human feces it had tracked onto the water taxi. The taxi walla was speaking rapid-fire Bengali at me, obviously displeased. I looked around for something with which to clean this mess. The boat was immaculately clean, a woven reed mat, on which I was to […]

In Lebanon, I had met a young couple who worked with an organization that helped Palestinians communicate their situation through film. They had visited refugee camps in Lebanon and had participated in peaceful demonstrations in Israel, but their primary focus was distributing video cameras and training Palestinians on how to use them. They told me […]

This story appears in my book The House of Peace, a Photographic Journey Through the Muslim World. My passport was stolen in India on a train on my way to Delhi and I spent weeks dealing with Indian bureaucracy in order to get a replacement. While I was waiting for my new passport to arrive, […]