Photographer Jeff Amrhein In Egypt

Photographic sushi.  Photography that is fresh and raw.

This reflects my philosophy when it comes to photography. Use natural light and keep it simple and honest. I’ve been involved in photography all my adult life. It was only long after starting a career in a different field, however, that I decided to pursue it further. In 2003, along with another photographer, I started an online gallery in New Zealand specializing in large prints on alternative media. While not hugely successful, it did manage to spur my enthusiasm for photography and encouraged me to expand my experience.

My lust for adventure beckoned and I decided to undertake a long journey. I set out with my medium-format film camera knowing that photography was going to be my primary motivation and knowing that I wanted to share my experiences when my journey was finished. I didn’t know, however, where my travels would take me, or how long they would last. This website represents the culmination of this journey.

For details of my journey, please visit the Trails section of this website.

I currently live in Portland, Oregon.

~Jeff Amrhein